Primary School

Lower Primary

In Lower Primary, we focus on a wide variety of learning activities, and students develop through each stage at their own pace. Our small class sizes allow for individualised learning and personal attention from the teacher. As students develop, their work becomes more structured without losing the element of fun.

Upper Primary

In Upper Primary, our students are encouraged to develop at their own pace and challenge themselves and realise their full potential. We individualise our programs to cater for children with differing abilities and potential. Through our active learning strategies, students are taught to take ownership of their own learning and reflect on their progress.

Our international teaching staff are highly motivated and have a broad spectrum of teaching experience.

International Primary Curriculum

IpclogoIPC encourages students to develop the ability to learn and acquire the skills required to become life-long learners. It is an international, thematic-based program and students complete six IPC Units (themes) each year. The following subjects are covered in IPC:

  • Art, Geography, History, ICT Technology, Language, Mathematics, Music, Sport, Science, Society

Alongside the International Primary Curriculum, we also run literacy and numeracy programmes developed in the UK and aligned with our international curriculum.

Outdoor LearningHr oshi1838 11zon

All classes in Primary widely use our outdoor classroom. Our children have the opportunity to develop a love of nature and a deeper understanding and respect for their environment. Outdoor learning encourages problem-solving skills, and teamwork, increases creativity, and develops out-of-the-box thinking.

Specialist Subjects

The following Specialist Subjects are also taken every week:

  • French
  • Music
  • Sport / Physical Education (“PE”)
  • Library
  • Technology
  • Enrichment 

Pastoral care is a vital part of our school ethos.

ISFTervuren2018 1755We encourage students to be respectful, confident, responsible, and have a clear sense of our core values, attitudes, and beliefs. Primary students attend weekly assemblies where a wide variety of topics are discussed. A sense of ‘family’ is created to encourage students of all ages and cultures to come together and work as a team. Assemblies celebrate school life, academic effort, and achievement. Students receive awards for their academic and personal performance, and each term, a class has the opportunity to showcase their classwork.



Additional Support Services

ISF (International School of Flanders) Waterloo offers additional English as a special provision for students whose mother tongue or first academic language is not English. View our policy here.

Learning support is also offered to students with learning difficulties.  At an additional cost, an Occupational Therapist is available on-site; testing and therapy can be organised during and after school. Students with special needs may also qualify to support an IILP (International Individual Learning Plan). 

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