What Should Parents Consider When Choosing a School?

It can be very daunting to search for a new school in a new country.  At ISF, we want to help you with this process.  Here are some tips/questions that might help guide you to find the right school for your child(ren).


1. Does the school mission and values match that of your own? What curriculum does the school follow?

ISF uses an international accredited curriculum. In Primary, we use recognised International English and Maths programmes and the IPC (International Primary Curriculum). In Secondary, our children follow a comprehensive study programme modeled on the National Curriculum of England and Wales and Cambridge Checkpoint, along with bespoke courses to ensure holistic development.   Senior students study IGCSE and A-Levels courses from Cambridge Assessment International Education. Children of all ages are educated to become Global Citizens and to acquire skills needed for the 21st century. ISF offers extracurricular activities at different times in the school day and catering for different interests and ages.

2. Does the school meet your families practical needs?

Is the school located near where you will live? Is there a bus service that can take your child to school or public transportation?

  • ISF has our own bus service which is door-to-door within a 25km range from each campus. The public bus also stops right outside both of our campuses. 

Does the language of instruction match what you are looking for? If it doesn't, are there support programmes in place to help your child learn the language of instruction?

  • ISF provides Additional English lessons for children whose first language is not English. This is part of the programme, and there is no additional cost.

Are the fees within your price range? If not, does the school offer financially assisted or academic scholarships?

  • ISF has both private and corporate fee rates. In addition, we also have financially assisted places and exceptionally, offer academic scholarships.

Does the school offer places for all of your children? Are there both Primary and Secondary Sections?

  • ISF Waterloo caters for children aged 6 weeks to 18 years, and ISF Tervuren caters for children 6 weeks - 10 years of age. We also offer a free bus service to families with children on both campuses.

If you are a family with both parents working, are there before and after school care options?

  • ISF provides before and after school possibilities from 7:45 am until 5:30 pm each day at a small additional cost. 

3. In your research, compare factors like the size of the school, classes and the school facilities.

ISF is a small caring community school with approximately 250 children on the Waterloo campus and 75 children on the Tervuren campus.  We have a maximum of 18 children per class. We have excellent facilities, with each campus having lovely natural playgrounds, gymnasiums, libraries, music room, and well-equipped age-appropriate classrooms.


4. How does the school communicate and build relationships with families?

ISF prides itself on our open and transparent two-way communication with our families. We have an open-door policy and our parents get regular feedback on what their child is learning and their progress. Parents are encouraged to join our PTA called the Friends of ISF, which organises activities for the community to get to know each other and raise money for the school.


5. Is the school accredited with any external organisations?

ISF is an accredited school of the Council of International Schools (CIS) and of the Council of British International Schools (COBIS).  We are also a Google Reference School. 

6. How is the school connected with the local community?

ISF is involved in many community projects, including building awareness of the environment as well as donating to charities and supporting local organisations.