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Inventum International Online School is a subsidiary of the International School of Flanders. Inventum Online was founded with a clear vision: to deliver exceptional, forward-thinking education to learners from around the world. Our online school's flexible structure empowers learners to pursue their interests in emerging and future technologies, while earning globally recognised qualifications. With this dualistic approach to education, Inventum Online learners not only gain access to the world's top universities, but also acquire knowledge of the technologies that will shape our future.


Our online school also has a strong focus on personal/mindset education which promotes critical thinking and problem-solving within a community which values well-being. These skills, along with the two-prong approach to education, make our learners future and career ready.  The modular design of our courses allow learners to study at their own pace, according to their own schedules, meaning they can manage their time to more efficiently and enjoy a better school/life balance. Inventum Online learners will be fully prepared to thrive in the careers of tomorrow.

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