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Alice Alkins - Dutch & French Teacher (Lower Primary)

I am an English native speaker born and raised in Belgium. I am teaching Dutch and French to Primary students up to Year 2 and assisting the pre-school. I have a passion for art and baking, as I am a qualified baker and a teacher. 

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Angela Phanopoulos - Finance & HR Manager

Originally from Greece, I was born and grew up in Zambia and lived in Belgium for over 30 years.  I have a scientific research background and first joined the school community as a parent many years ago.  As part of the admin team, I appreciate the school's multicultural character and enjoy working between the two school campuses looking after the finances and staff.

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Cristina Bueno Vila - Year 2 Teacher

Originally from Girona, Spain, I've been in Belgium since the end of July 2020. I studied for a Bachelor's Degree in primary education and also held a nursery teaching certificate. At the moment I'm studying a CLIL postgraduate as well as Dutch. I enjoy cooking, eating out, road-tripping, and going for walks. Passionate about exploring the world. I've lived in different countries, the USA, England, Finland, and Australia. I love being in a multicultural environment, and I'm very excited to be part of the ISF community!

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Deborah Dodd - Year 4 Teacher

I am from British Columbia, Canada, and I have been living in Belgium for three years.  I have over twelve years of teaching experience from schools in Canada and the United Kingdom. ISF is a wonderful school with so much positive energy!  I enjoy an array of outdoor activities, yoga, cooking, and traveling with my family.

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Dorine Ionita - Pre-primary Teacher 

Born and raised in Belgium, I have also lived in Australia for several years. I am a Pre-Primary teacher and also the librarian at ISF Tervuren.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education from the University of Thomas More Malines. Since graduating, I have worked as a teaching assistant in Preschool whilst teaching Dutch and French language classes in the Early Years section.


Glen Smith - Maintenance & Bus Driver 

I am originally from New Zealand but have lived abroad for most of my life.  I have lived in the  USA, Australia and for many years in Belgium. My wife is Belgian, and we have two school-aged boys and two daughters studying in Maastricht. I enjoy studying theology, and I am also a passionate musician and songwriter.

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Henna Huotari - Year 1 Teacher 

My name is Henna, and I come from Finland. I have a Masters Degree in primary education and languages, and I moved to Belgium in January 2019. I've always loved learning languages and taken part in several intercultural experiences abroad. Teaching in an international school and working with children worldwide is a very inspiring opportunity for me. In my past time, I enjoy spending time in nature, reading, and being creative by making things such as cakes and crafts. I love to do these things with my pupils and look forward to bringing a little Nordic twist to ISF! 

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Jennifer Gregory - EAL Teacher

I am a Primary trained teacher from England, and I have enjoyed teaching in various contexts over the past 15 years, including working with street children in Uganda. I relish my role as the EAL teacher; I am recurrently amazed and inspired by the eagerness and progress demonstrated by the children that I am privileged to teach. I have 3 children at ISF Tervuren and a husband who gets involved in football coaching and assemblies. We all love being part of this exceptional school community.

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Julie Boyd - Deputy Head of Campus, Year 5 & 6 Teacher

I have been a teacher for over 30 years, both in the United Kingdom and abroad.  Following two years of teaching in the United Kingdom, I moved to Germany, and subsequently to Cyprus, to teach children in Service Children’s Schools. I have taught in various school establishments; varying from small village schools to large inner-city schools. I have held various leadership positions, including an Assistant Headship in West Berkshire.

I have an Arts degree from Cardiff University and a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). I have a passion for Art and Crafts and delights in seeing students being creative. I love to walk my dog, and I also enjoy sport; especially football.

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Laurence Peetermans - French Teacher (Upper Primary)

I am from Belgium. I studied journalism and communications at ULB, and after my studies, I was very interested in teaching. I continued my education to teach French as a foreign language. I have taught for three years at an International IB school before joining ISF. 

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Maria Le Roux - School Secretary/Marketing Assistant 

I am originally from South Africa but have been an expatriate for the past 21 years. My family and I lived in Dubai for the past 20 years, where I worked in the  Oil & Gas industry. My husband’s career brought us to Belgium. I have two beautiful children, and a lovely Labrador called Buddy. I love traveling and spending time with my family. 


Niki Daun -  Data Protection Officer

I'm from the United Kingdom, but brought up mostly in Sweden, with American international education, so I feel very much at home in the ISF community! I've been in Brussels for 20 years, freelancing, volunteering, and recently completed my Degree in psychology - while raising two kids. I indulge in creative photography, cooking, and long walks in the forest with my dog in my free time. 

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Sara Hoff - Pre-school Teacher 

I am originally from the United Kingdom. I have over 25 years of teaching experience in many schools in the UK, Germany, the USA, and Belgium. I am passionate about teaching and aim to inspire a love of learning. I enjoy cycling, traveling to new places, and long walks with my family and dog. 

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Orla Mcloughlin - Head of Campus

I am originally from Ireland, and I have been living in Belgium for 20 years. I have over 25 years of teaching experience in both Ireland and Belgium, and in the last 8 years, I have worked in leadership positions. I am passionate about teaching and learning and currently studying for a Masters in Educational Leadership at Portsmouth University.

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Razeeka Thamjigar - School Counsellor

I came from the south of India and moved to Belgium in 2007. I have a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology and really enjoy working with children. I am an avid reader, enjoy traveling, play therapy, cooking, and meeting new people. I work as the school counselor in both ISF Waterloo and ISF Tervuren campuses.

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Tahlia de Corso - Music Teacher

Originally from Australia, I moved to Belgium 6 years ago. I hold a Masters’s degree in Music Performance and a Diploma in education. I spend my time doing different musical activities such as teaching, performing, and conducting a choir. I am passionate about transmitting my love for music to young students.  

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Toby Willis - Year 3 Teacher

I am from Bath in the United Kingdom and have been living in Belgium for two years.  I previously taught in a Bristol school for 6 years, and I enjoy the different teaching challenges in an international school. Being from Bath, I enjoy rugby, visiting new places, good food, and the odd long walk.


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