Our Campus and Facilities

ISF (International School of Flanders) Tervuren is located in the quiet but international village of Vossem in the Commune/Gemeente of Tervuren, approximately 15 minutes from Brussels. We occupy three buildings surrounded by beautiful green areas.                                            

Dotremont House

DHR OSHI0234 11zonotremont House accommodates the Years 1 – 6 classrooms and all our resource rooms. The EAL and French classrooms are also located in  Dotrement House which backs onto Frantzen House.

Frantzen House

Frantzen House, also known as the "Old Barn", has been beautifully restored to a school hall and gymnasium and is also used for school productions, assemblies, and extracurricular activities. Franzten House also houses our music room and garderie                                                                            

Van Dyck Villa

Screenshot 2022 01 28 11.44.31Van Dyck Villa houses the Early Years, consisting of Pre-School and Pre-Primary classes. The school's beautiful library and the school's administrative centre with reception, finance, and admissions, the Head of  Campus, and staff rooms are all located in this building.                                                                                                                                                



Green Areas/Merckx Park   Isf tervuren 7108 exposure

Behind the campus buildings are the green playgrounds and expansive playing field, complete with a Wild Life Garden and a pond. We also have a vegetable garden and an outdoor classroom.    



Early Years - Outdoor Playground

The Early Years has an extended outdoor environment attached to their classes at the back of Van Dyck Villa, where the children are enriched with group activities, a sandpit, and a wide range of gross motor equipment.     

Boch House

HR OSHI2131 (3) (1)ISF International Daycare is the latest addition to our campus and is situated in Boch House. This project incorporated innovative design with scientific research into the well-being of babies and toddlers. The Daycare has its entrance, parking, and outdoor play area.




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