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ISF (International School of Flanders) Educational Trust vzw (known as ISF Trust) was legally established in 1998, and took on its present name and new statutory purpose in May 2012. The Trust’s objectives are:

  • To provide teaching and care for children of all nationalities, with English being the main teaching language, and to support institutions which follow a recognised International Education curriculum; and
  • To support the continuing education and development of students and teachers affiliated to internationally accredited English language educational institutes in Belgium and elsewhere in the world; and
  • To engage in all operations which directly or indirectly promote the Trust’s purpose, including participating in or assisting other non-profit organisations with a similar purpose.

ISF Trust has a strict policy of only investing in projects which can realistically become self-financing and in which the Trustees themselves have real insight and experience. The Trustees always take an active role on the board of every investment to ensure the growth and recovery of the Trust’s funds for future redeployment and expansion of the Trust’s investments.

From the fruits of the Trust’s sound investments, further scholarships, bursaries and grants can then be made available to support the education of needy children.

ISF Trust is in that sense a true Social Enterprise!

Since May 2012 ISF Trust has:

  • Invested €100,000 in ISF Active English vzw, a start-up project in partnership with an Antwerp state primary school to enable over 60 children aged 3-10 years to follow the Flemish state curriculum in English after school hours; this will break even in 2014-15, and be self-funding thereafter. In 2014 two more local primary schools signed up to ISF Active English, and there are now over 150 children following our programmes. We have also established professional dialogues with three teacher training colleges in Flanders, and anticipate continuing growing interest in 2015-16.
  • Invested €150,000 in a new international day-care centre in Antwerp in partnership with Rainbows vzw, where children are spoken to in English or Dutch, as parents prefer. That crèche was immediately full with 35 state-subsidised child places, and in 2014 was expanded to 48 places. It is already profitable, and we aim to roll out this successful model with additional crèche facilities in the Brussels and Antwerp areas.
  • Invested over €500,000 in ISF Waterloo International School since taking over in December 2012, including €200,000 on improved school buildings and facilities. This investment supported staff salaries and the running costs of the school during 2013 whilst increasing student enrolment numbers by 20%. In 2014 €75,000 was committed to transform the school's educational platform into a 21st Century digital media environment accessible to students of all age groups.
  • Provided over €100,000 in educational scholarships, bursaries and grants to various financially disadvantaged families to support their children’s continuing education.

Kevan Keegan - Board Chair, ISF Educational Trust vzw

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