Assistance Programme

At ISF (International School of Flanders) Tervuren, we have an Assisted Places Programme (APP) which allows for a number of limited places to be made available at fees lower than our published fee structure.


We recognise that parents may be in very different situations and need very different forms of assistance. For example, some international parents are on short term expatriate contracts/assignments, but only receive full employer support for Tuition Fees for certain school years. Other international parents, maybe on longer-term “local” contracts and are paying all school fees themselves. We also welcome Belgian parents who are looking for international education for their children.

ISF Tervuren is and will continue to be, an independent, fee-paying school receiving no financial support from any Belgian or other national or local governments. But we also want to support as many parents as we can to provide their children with the best possible start in life!


Parents who do not receive full support from their employer(s) for all Tuition Fees are eligible to apply.


All decisions regarding APP are made by the Financial Committee. 

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