Posted On Feb 22nd 2019

International Day

On February 22nd, ISF Tervuren celebrated International Day. We are proud of the diversity that we have within our school population and International Day was an opportunity for us to celebrate our 23 nationalities and share our cultures with each other.


This year our theme was Mother Tongue Languages. At ISF we encourage children to communicate in their native language as studies show that it helps children identify with their culture and identity, aids in the acquisition of new languages and helps with their cognitive development.


We began our day with a parade of colours. All of our children and staff dressed in their national costume or the colours of their country and we shared our costumes in a colourful parade for our parents.


During the day our children explored several different mother tongue languages spoken at our school. They researched the history of these languages and learned where they are spoken. For our performance assembly, each group, shared their research, sang a song in the target language and got parents and guests involved in a fun quiz, testing their knowledge of different languages.


We finished our day with an afternoon tea, sampling desserts and cakes from all over the world!