Posted On Feb 08th 2019

Eco Friendly Green School Committee

This week ISF Tervuren held their first Eco Committee meeting. The meeting was the first step in our journey to becoming the first Green Flag International School in Belgium. The meeting was well attended by leadership, staff, parents and enthusiastic students and it gave everyone an opportunity to understand the process of becoming a green school and a chance to brainstorm ideas for school improvement.

Why become a Green school? In our ISF mission we strive to develop students who are life-long learners, adaptable world citizens and are sensitive to their communities. We believe that this initiative will unite our school community under a common goal.

Being a green school ensures that we have:

1. An efficient use of resources

2. A healthy and green environment

3. A curriculum which includes ecological issues

4. Nutritious food

5. Sustainable community practices

Our first focus areas are:

Healthy Eating

School Grounds


If you would like to join a sub-committee and be a part of this exciting programme, please email the office.