Vision, Values and Aims

    We believe in giving every child who comes to our school the best possible start in life. We value the uniqueness of every child. We value excellence in all we do. We believe in nurturing an enthusiasm for learning and we believe in the development of character.


    To give 'the best possible start in life' to every child who comes to our school.


    • We value the uniqueness of every person, recognizing that we each have gifts, talents and needs.
    • We value Excellence achieved through enthusiasm, excitement, energy and the sheer enjoyment of learning.
    • We value Creativity through nurturing curiosity and imagination.
    • We value the healthy development of every facet of a child’s character within a framework of school values.


    As a school community we aim to ensure that every child:

    • Feels safe and happy and develops a healthy lifestyle.
    • Learns to enjoy learning and achieves to the best of his/her ability.
    • Gains the skills to make and maintain good relationships.
    • Develops the desire and will to contribute meaningfully to the community and care for the natural environment

    Delivering on our Aims

    In their comments on the overall effectiveness of the school, our recent inspectors noted that, “This school is an excellent school. It provides a high quality of education and outstanding care for its pupils. It is an integral part of the local community: the parents support and are supported by the school, in a mutually dependent relationship that is deeply felt and appreciated”. ISF Tervuren will continue to uphold the high quality of education recognised in this report.